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I’M NOT ASKING is a one-on-one, three-month coaching package. This is for you if you’re ready to level up your self-worth and take action toward your goals. As a one-on-one program, there’s no room to hide away or stay small in this program.

This coaching package includes twelve 60-75 minute coaching calls, email access in between calls, personalized guided meditations, journal prompts, and personal growth exercises, and more.

Single Session Self-Worth Coaching

Feeling stuck, deflated, or unmotivated? Single-session self-worth coaching is the perfect way to refresh your mindset. In this one-on-one coaching call, we will identify a specific problem that you’re struggling with and work together to identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back and start shifting your mindset so you can start moving forward and feeling hopeful about your future.

Single Session Tarot Reading

If you are looking to gain clarity on navigating a transition, a decision you have coming up, or want guidance around lessons you need to learn to uplevel your self-worth, this service is for you.

Combining tarot and coaching allows me to get straight to the most valuable lessons that you need right now. You can ask as many questions as we have time for in our session, and every reading includes action steps that you can take even after our reading to stay committed to your healing journey. Both 30- and 60-minute readings are available.

Meditation Bundles

Meditation Bundles are digital downloads that include multiple, original guided meditations and an in-depth companion workbook.

The meditations gently guide you into a relaxed state and demonstrate what quiet confidence looks like for you. The companion workbook offers you journal prompts to process your thoughts and continue to get even more out of the powerful meditations. These bundles function as mini, self-paced workshops around themes of confidence, self-worth, and self-love.

Not Your Beti

Not Your Beti is an online course for South Asian women and femmes only that includes video recordings, written exercises, meditations, and 6 group coaching calls.

Forget the overbearing Auntys and the unwavering guilt.
Do feel like you want to branch out of your current life plan and pursue something different? Whether you need to make small tweaks in your day-to-day routine or you want to break out of your routine altogether, this course will help you lean into your own intuition and look at your goals practically and efficiently. 

This is your chance to fight back against what you should be so you can create the life you truly love.

Workshops & Brand Partnerships

I offer group tarot readings and self-worth coaching workshops virtually and in-person. Workshops can be on a variety of subject matters, including but not limited to: self-worth, boundary-setting, people-pleasing, healing self-worth as a black sheep of the family, healing self-worth and self-trust as a South-Asian womxn/femme, unpacking your inner critic and limiting beliefs, etc.

If you are interested in Roshni:

  • hosting a workshop for your group coaching program or container,
  • hosting a group tarot reading for your workshop, event, or party
  • working with Roshni as a brand partner for a product or service,
  • submitting an advertisement for the Is It Worth It? Podcast

or any other opportunity you feel would be in alignment, please submit your inquiry below! Thank you for getting in touch!

*All coaching calls take place over Zoom*

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