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Terms and Conditions

Beti Grew Up is an online blog that contains my opinions, solely, and is not affiliated with the opinions of other industries or organizations. The information provided on http://www.betigrewup.com is accurate to the best of my knowledge, however there could be errors or mistakes on this blog. The information presented in this blog is not specific psychological advice intended for specific readers. The content on this blog is not meant to be seen as any form of psychological cure, and the journal prompts, exercises, and opinions on this blog are not intended as cures for any specific person’s psychological issues or disorders. I am not a professional therapist, and if you do feel that you need help or psychological assistance please contact a professional therapist. I reserve the right to change how I manage and run Beti Grew Up and reserve the right to change the focus and/or content of this blog at any time. All content, including all visual and written content, on http://www.betigrewup.com is the intellectual property of Beti Grew Up and Roshni.

Privacy Policy

Any information shared by visitors on this page, such as names and email address information, will be held privately and will not be shared with any other online networks other than the trusted third party used to distribute the email newsletter.

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