New Podcast Episode!

Roshni @followtheroshni and I had a conversation about Deepti and Shake’s relationship from Love Is Blind.

New Podcast Episode!

This week I’m joined by Kirti, @kirtiiip, a former client and student in Not Your Beti. We chatted about reconstructing the American Dream, building self-trust, and how life coaching changed our lives.

New Podcast Episode!

Neelam Patel @dancewithneelam and I chat about her journey to becoming a published author, what experiencing shame and pleasure is like for South-Asian womxn,
how to accept rage, and
how it feels to start embracing your dark feminine energy. 

New Podcast Episode!

Natasha from @purposeandchai discuss the stigmas in the South-Asian community that have held us back and how we commit to generational healing as South-Asian creatives.

New Podcast Episode!

Exhausted to Liberated: Self-Worth & Burnout w/ Mona Eshaiker (@monalmft) We’re ALL feeling different levels of burnout – from work exhaustion to feeling overwhelmed by the news, climate change, and political crises, it’s been a rough few months. This week I brought on licensed therapist and burnout coach, Mona Eshaiker (she/her), who specializes in burnoutContinue reading “New Podcast Episode!”

New Podcast Episode!

BIPOC Cut Off Family too, Manifesting isn’t just for White Girls, & Expecting Life to be Messy To celebrate my birthday I created a podcast episode of multiple lessons that I’ve learned over the last year! These lessons will show you how unworthiness still creeps into every area of our lives – and how toContinue reading “New Podcast Episode!”

Break-Ups & Boundaries: Healing Self-Worth After A Relationship

Today’s episode is extra special because a listener DM’d me a question about how to heal your self-worth after getting out of a (not so great) relationship, and it gave me a chance to get a little more specific than other episodes.

What My Reactive Dog Has Taught Me About Personal Growth

Logically, you’d think that if something was making him bark, he’d want to avoid it. But just him, you may tend to look for exactly what you *don’t* want in new situations as a way to confirm your fears as valid in the first place.

Doors Closing for ‘Not Your Beti’

If you’re a fellow South-Asian womxn and you’re ready to leave expectations behind and start living life on your own terms – Not Your Beti is for you.

How Lunar Phases Influence Your Physical & Spiritual Cycles

I turned to my good friend Inés @_ineskelly_ to break down the basics of the lunar cycle and what it means for us on a spiritual and physical level.

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