Introducing Mini Tarot Readings!

✨ Mini-Readings are available until January 15th, 2021

✨ This reading is for you if you have one specific question you’d like to ask or one topic you need guidance around.

✨ You can purchase more than one reading for yourself since they are only available for a limited time. You can also purchase a reading as a gift!

1-Card Reading: $10

3-Card Reading: $25

Instructions: Purchase the reading you’d like below, and then fill out the contact form with your question. You will receive your reading via the email you provide, and I will send the reading as a voicenote so it will have maximum impact!


1-Card Reading

This is a one-card response to any question you have or any area you need guidance around!



3-Card Reading

This is a three-card response to any question you have or any aread you need guidance around!


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