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I named this program I’m Not Asking because you’re no longer asking for permission, judgment, or validation from others. This program is about giving yourself permission to stop hiding, overthinking, and being afraid. This is a journey of finding, accepting, and celebrating who you are. This is your time to step into the unapologetic embodiment of everything you were meant to be.

The I’m Not Asking Bundle is for you if you’re ready to claim:

  1. Acceptance of who you are
  2. Tools to help you move through fear and doubt without leaving you stuck
  3. Belief in yourself and trust in your intuition – even when your goals are unconventional
  4. Reconnecting to your sense of agency over your life
  5. Feeling valued, loved, and enough regardless of your external circumstances

And if you’re ready to let go of:

  1. Feeling not good enough – and letting that stop you from taking action
  2. Feeling guilty for what you truly want, or like wanting something isn’t a good enough reason for you to have it
  3. Not knowing how to set boundaries
  4. Letting fear and limiting beliefs dictate your actions
  5. Others’ judgments having a hold over you
  6. Feeling ashamed to be vulnerable
  7. Confusion about who you are and what authentic living looks like for you

This entire program is personalized to your needs. There’s no set calendar of topics we’ll cover or a specific formula I’ll be guiding you through.

As a coach, I believe that your inner guidance is already pointing you in the right direction.

You are the ONLY expert on your life. I’m just here to help you clear away the limiting beliefs, familiar patterns, self-doubt, and conditioning that’s been holding you back.

I’m Not Asking is my most in-depth self-worth coaching offering to date, and I cannot WAIT to guide you as you deepen your healing and shed the habits and beliefs that keep you feeling unworthy.

You, Me, & Three Months of Healing.


I’m Roshni, and I’m a self-worth coach, content creator, and the founder and CEO of BetiGrewUp. As a self-worth coach, I’m most passionate about helping you see your worth and value yourself regardless of the external circumstances you have in your life. I truly believe that raising your self-worth is the first step to living a liberated life.

I’m a Kenyan-born Gujrati who immigrated to the U.S. at the age of five. I grew up feeling misunderstood and developed first-hand experience navigating what it means to be a part of communities who don’t always claim you. Now I’m here to help you do the same.

I center my work around the belief that you are intrinsically enough. You do not have to prove, achieve, or earn your worth. (Despite what you’re told by our patriarchal, heteronormative, transphobic, racist, and capitalist society.) I’m committed to showing you how to strip back the conditioning and limiting beliefs so that you can start living authentically – whatever that means for you.

What’s included in the bundle?

your inner guidance is already pointing you in the right direction.

I’m here to help you clear away the limiting beliefs, familiar patterns, self-doubt, and conditioning that’s been holding you back.

I’m Not Asking is a three-month, one-on-one coaching program. It includes:

  1. 12 hour-long, 1:1 coaching calls over Zoom
  2. Email access to me in between coaching calls for additional coaching and support during all three months
  3. Live, personalized guided meditations
  4. Personalized journal prompts and exercises on coaching calls and via email
  5. Training in simple and helpful tools like NeuroLinguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique
  6. Recordings of every coaching call so you can look back on your growth
  7. Optional use of tarot (if that’s what you’re into) at no extra charge

What my clients have to say

She really understood why I was seeking validation as a body-led response and made me understand that I can make myself feel emotionally safe. Roshni made me feel empowered and I felt heard and safe. – M. Mutmainnah

I felt like instead of dreaming of becoming my highest self, and frustrated that I’m not, this program helped me see and create a relationship with that higher self that can’t be unseen or uncreated. It’s the bridge I have made contact with in the past and was inspiring, but now I can feel that bridge under my feet. It feels less dangerous. – N. Patel

Roshni is so kind and compassionate and makes it so easy to open up about what’s really going on. Her connection to the divine is unquestioned and it truly felt like she was witnessing me, not to judge me but to love me. The steps they recommended have been so soothing and I’ve already had breakthroughs about areas of my business that are not serving me. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking answers. It made me feel like there was a way out of this challenging situation and helped me feel a sense of agency that is hard to come by. – S. Ford

“…the questions and the exercise on fear were particularly helpful. The fear exercise has helped me identify how often I use fear as a distraction and how often I allow it to shape my everyday actions. Taking the time to consider fear-based possibilities and work through potential outcomes will be a tool I use to shift my perspective of situations and my relationship to my own fear more generally.” J. Andrews

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