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Developing Self-Trust & Following A Non-Traditional Path As A South-Asian Woman w/ Kirti P @kirtiiip

This week I’m joined by Kirti, @kirtiiip, a former client and student in Not Your Beti, my online course on self-trust for South-Asian women and femmes!

Kirti was living the American Dream – working in the finance sector with a secure job in New York City. This year she followed her intuition, left the world of security behind, and moved home to India to pursue a career as a brain-based life coach!

I’m so excited for you to hear Kirti’s story. We chatted about:

  • shame and judgment around being a life coach
  • how life coaching completely changed both of our lives
  • shedding the “nice girl” identity so many South-Asian womxn are forced to uphold
  • how it felt going through a spiritual awakening and meeting our spirit guides

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Tarot Reading for Black Sheep on Mother's Day Is It Worth It? The Self-Worth Podcast

I felt called to record a full-length tarot reading for all the black sheep on Mother's Day. This holiday can definitely be triggering and we're swept under the rug. This is a time of year where we get told that our opinions are invalid and that we should 'get over the past' or 'overcome our feelings' in order to make our families (or even outsiders) happy. But this is a safe space for black sheep and there's no invalidating happening here. I hope you remember how special and loved you are. I hope you know how strong you have had to be. And I hope this inspires you to celebrate yourself. Mini-Tarot Readings: Full-Length Tarot Readings: View & Book Services: Learn about Self-Worth Coaching: Read My Story: Instagram: @BetiGrewUp TikTok: @BetiGrewUp — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
  1. Tarot Reading for Black Sheep on Mother's Day
  2. Self-Worth & The Black Sheep Experience
  3. On Getting Self-Worth From The Roles You Provide Others
  4. On Advocating For Yourself
  5. How My Nani's Story Inspired Not Your Beti
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