New Podcast Episode!

Opening Up: Gender Identity, Rejection, Self-Sabotage, & Growth Admist Loss

Welcome to a new solo episode!

As we’re nearing the end of the year, I wanted to share the ups and downs I’ve faced on my personal journey, including:

  • opening up about being nonbinary for the first time online,
  • facing more rejection in 2021 than I ever have before,
  • learning how to stop sabotaging my own success,
  • releasing the labels I’ve put on myself and embracing my fluidity,
  • unearthing mother wounds around receiving love, attention, and money, and
  • why I stopped journaling and the effect that’s had on my personal growth journey.

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Self-Worth & Communication In Relationships Is It Worth It? The Self-Worth Podcast

In this solo episode, I discuss how you can learn to rewrite your previous negative experiences with communication. Whether you identify as a black sheep or a South-Asian person who struggles to communicate with your family, your previous experiences have taught you that communication and expressing your genuine emotions is unsafe. In Self-Worth & Communication in Relationships, I cover: why it's worth it to learn how to be vulnerable and communicate openly, how to be your own safe place when it comes to shielding yourself from guilt and shame, how to process heavy and uncomfortable emotions, especially anger and rage, and how setting and enforcing boundaries creates an external world that reflects your high sense of self-worth. Being able to communicate freely and openly allows you to be more confident, take more risks, and ultimately, love and trust yourself more deeply. Love is an action. Communicating and advocating for yourself is how you can show yourself that love. Links to work with me and find more content: I’m Not Asking Application Book a 1:1 Self-Worth Coaching Session Join the Waitlist for Not Your Beti (Self-Trust course for South-Asian women & femmes) Empowering Embodiment Meditation Learn more about Roshni’s story Support the Podcast Guest Interview on the Living Open Podcast Instagram: @BetiGrewUp TikTok: @BetiGrewUp — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
  1. Self-Worth & Communication In Relationships
  2. Tarot Reading for Black Sheep on Mother's Day
  3. Self-Worth & The Black Sheep Experience
  4. On Getting Self-Worth From The Roles You Provide Others
  5. On Advocating For Yourself
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