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Exhausted to Liberated: Self-Worth & Burnout w/ Mona Eshaiker (@monalmft)

We’re ALL feeling different levels of burnout – from work exhaustion to feeling overwhelmed by the news, climate change, and political crises, it’s been a rough few months.

This week I brought on licensed therapist and burnout coach, Mona Eshaiker (she/her), who specializes in burnout recovery for LGBTQIA+ and professionals of color.

She gave us incredible advice on:

  • how to set effective boundaries with your boss, and what that looks like,
  • how burnout affects BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ folks the most,
  • how to detect signs of physical and emotional burnout (which looks different for everyone), &
  • how self-worth plays a massive role in creating and preventing burnout.

This episode is SO impactful and it’s honestly one of my favorites!

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Seeking Permission: Self-Worth & Your Empowered Self Is It Worth It? The Self-Worth Podcast

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