New Podcast Episode!

BIPOC Cut Off Family too, Manifesting isn’t just for White Girls, & Expecting Life to be Messy

To celebrate my birthday I created a podcast episode of multiple lessons that I’ve learned over the last year!

These lessons will show you how unworthiness still creeps into every area of our lives – and how to take a step back and make sure it doesn’t block your future blessings.

I talked abouthow to stop gaslighting yourself and start trusting your intuition, why taking risks can be an incredible way of co-creating with the Universe, flipping the script on manifesting being “just for rich white girls,” why BIPOC face extra struggles when it comes to distancing themselves from toxic family members, and  how life gets messy for everyone – and why we shouldn’t try to change that

You’re going to *love* this episode!

2021 Lessons: Playing Big, Embracing Fluidity, Boundaries with Family, & Dancing with my Inner Teen Is It Worth It? The Self-Worth Podcast

Welcome to another episode! This week I'm recapping lessons I've learned in 2021, so grab a cup of your coziest drink and let's reflect 🥰 2021 taught me how to: stop playing small & begging for my dreams embrace the fluidity in my personality, habits, and beliefs set boundaries with my family relish in my inner rebellious teenager revamp my money mindset become a conduit for abundance recognize and start unpacking my religious trauma  celebrate my nonbinary identity I hope you enjoy the episode! Find all the links I mentioned below: Not Your Beti Waitlist (Self-Trust Course for South-Asian Womxn & Femmes): I'm Not Asking Application: Single-Session Self-Worth Coaching: Single-Session Tarot Reading: Empowering Embodiment Meditation: BetiGrewUp on Instagram: BetiGrewUp on TikTok: Living Open Podcast: — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
  1. 2021 Lessons: Playing Big, Embracing Fluidity, Boundaries with Family, & Dancing with my Inner Teen
  2. Exploring Shame, Pleasure, & Self-Trust w/ Neelam Patel @dancewithneelam
  3. Opening Up: Gender Identity, Rejection, Self-Sabotage, & Growth Admist Loss
  4. Self-Worth & Generational Healing w/ Natasha Khawja @PurposeandChai
  5. Seeking Permission: Self-Worth & Your Empowered Self
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