Meditations have been a MAJOR part of my healing journey and spiritual practice.

I’m by no means perfectly consistent with meditations, but it’s undeniable how much of a difference they have made in my self-love practice. Visualizing meditations have been a life-changing part of my manifestation practice as well.

I always begin my coaching calls, workshops, and group coaching sessions with a guided meditation. It allows my client and I to enter our own space of growth and understanding, and also allows my client to clear their mind of the day’s worries and enter a state of peace and calm so that we can go even deeper in our session together.

I’ve heard so much wonderful feedback from my clients about our meditations, and it inspired me to make my meditations available to everyone.

I am officially launching Meditation Bundles – a series of meditations along with a workbook of journal prompts surrounding a specific theme. A portion of the journal prompts from the workbook are meant to deepen your understanding of the meditation, while the remainder can be done on their own.

The first Meditation Bundle is titled “Becoming Enough,” and it centers on themes of personal power, radical self-love, and deepening your intrinsic sense of self-worth.

These meditations guide you through visualizations and invoke emotions of being proud of yourself and confident.

Return to them time and time again when you need a boost of confidence and self-appreciation.

The Becoming Enough Meditation Bundle is for you when you are facing fear and self-doubt.

These meditations will lower your heart rate, guide you to embody a calm state of mind, and gently remind you of your power. 

When you’re feeling frustrated, impatient, fearful, unworthy, or unlovable, these meditations will bring you a sense of peace, relief, ease and strength.

This bundle functions as a mini, self-paced workshop for you to raise your self-worth, deepen your self-trust, and remind you of your incredible strength.

The Remember Your Worth Meditation Bundle includes:

  • Remember Your Power 17 Minute Meditation
  • Empowering Embodiment 25 Minute Meditation
  • Becoming Enough Workbook 
    • This workbook includes three journal prompts to accompany each meditation, and eight additional journal prompts that you can do any time (13 prompts total).
    • The journal prompts are specifically designed to boost your confidence and deepen your self-worth!

As a massive thank you for following along on my blog, I am offering the longest meditation in the bundle, the Empowering Embodiment meditation, to you for free!

In this meditation, you will be guided to:

  • relieve tension and stress throughout your body, 
  • envision moments in your life that you felt confident and proud of yourself, and
  • embody feelings of gratitude, self-love, and confidence

You will leave this meditation remembering how much you have accomplished, how strong you are, and how much you deserve to keep fighting for what you want in life.

Download the meditation here:

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