Doors Closing for ‘Not Your Beti’

‘Not Your Beti: A Guide to Self-Trust & Decision-Making for South-Asian Women’ is an online course I am hosting that begins February 2nd.’

I am so proud to announce that my online course, Not Your Beti, begins tomorrow (February 2nd, 20201)!

If you’re a fellow South-Asian womxn and you’re ready to leave expectations behind and start living life on your own terms – Not Your Beti is for you.
Not Your Beti is an online guide to Self-Trust and Decision-Making for South Asian Womxn.
This course will:
⚡️ teach you how to deal with your inner critic, unpack generational conditioning to doubt yourself, and give you tools to release stored emotions through practices like Emotional Freedom Technique (aka tapping),
⚡️ guide you to explore your emotions, fears, and resistance even deeper through group coaching calls with me
⚡️ connect you to a community of likeminded womxn committing to their version of freedom,
⚡️ celebrate all you’ve let go in the last four weeks through a virtual burning bowl graduation ceremony.

I have been posting about Not Your Beti nonstop on my Instagram, but if you don’t follow me there I’ve linked the posts above!

If you’re interested in learning more about Not Your Beti, I explain what this course is, how I plan to teach you self-trust, and why I created this course in the video below:

If you still have questions about what the course costs, who it’s for, and what you’ll get, I’ve answered all those questions in the video below:

I have one final surprise for you – I know this past year has been tough financially for so many of us (myself included) and I prioritize accessibility in my business – so I’ve created a second payment plan option that spans 6 months. There is also a pay-in-full option as well as a 3-month payment plan.

Click here to get enrolled and find the right payment option for you!

If you’re still not sure if Not Your Beti is right for you, hearing from a fellow student may help you make your decision. I interviewed Neelam Patel, a bi-coastal artist, actress, playwright, and poet, how she struggles with balancing expectations from South-Asian society with her dream to share her art. We also chat about how self-doubt has stopped her before, and what she’s doing now to make sure that doesn’t happen. If you want to join Neelam in breaking through your limiting beliefs and building the life of your dreams, make sure you enroll in Not Your Beti TODAY so you don’t miss out!

As always, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to comment below or send me an email. I love hearing from you!

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