Tarot as a Tool for Activism & Ancestral Guidance

This week on my podcast, Samara Kasai (they/them) from @kasaithrive joined me for a conversation about their work decolonizing tarot.

As I recently wrote about in my Medium article, the self-help world has had many instances of cultural appropriation over the years. With tarot specifically, the issue of representation comes to the forefront.

Many tarot cards only show figures with white skin, which was one of the main issues we spoke about that often diverts BIPOC from using tarot as a tool for their own personal and spiritual growth.

The best thing about tarot as opposed to blanket advice from self-help books or even visiting a psychic is that it is a much more self-reliant practice. Tarot can be as affordable as a one-time purchase of a deck, and can be a tool that you can return to over and over again. Your personal interpretation of the tarot card in your pulls will often give you more specific guidance than an online tarot card generator.

These are the factors that make tarot an incredibly useful tool for BIPOC, as we are often underserved by the self-help community to begin with.

We also discussed how Samara actively guides their clients away from spiritual bypassing and instead encourages them to sit with the discomfort of what a card or personal situation may bring up.

Click below to listen along on your preferred podcast service and learn how to use tarot as a tool for activism and ancestral guidance.

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