Handling Rejection in your Career & Dating Life

Rejection is one of the hardest things that we deal with in life. Especially when we get rejected for job offers or by someone we’re interested in, it feels like everything we want and need in life is out of our control.

The reason that rejection can be so hard is because you place your value in the opportunities you’re pursuing.

We’ve all been turned down (or at least I have) for a job we didn’t really want. In those situations, rejection doesn’t feel all that bad. In fact, you might even feel relieved.

But when you get rejected from a dream job, it hits completely different.

That’s because not only did you value the position you had, but that position also became part of your identity. When you place your identity and your worth in external factors, and it gets taken away, you feel like you’re not valuable anymore.

With just a few key mindset shifts, you can actually start to look at rejection as a positive thing because it no longer determines your value in the world.

In this podcast episode, I explain how you can

  • develop a positive attitude toward rejection,
  • learn from your life experiences, and
  • transform your perspective from needing external validation to knowing your intrinsic worth

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How to Bounce Back in Dating & your Career: Self-Worth and Rejection

Published by Roshni

My name is Roshni. I am a Kenyan-born, American-raised, Indian woman. I studied education, psychology, and psychoanalysis in college and have been prioritizing healing in my recent years of post-grad life. I am passionate about breaking down mental health stigmas, especially in communities of color. My personal struggle with anxiety, depression, and panic disorder has led me to share my thoughts, experiences, and helpful exercises with you. I am here to share exercises for growth, insights into my own journey of mental health, and ways to stay productive and efficient without sacrificing your sanity - or your inner child! - Join me on this journey (Subscribing to Beti Grew Up, my YT channel & by following my Instagram @BetiGrewUp), - Share your story with me (by emailing me betigrewup@gmail.com) xoxo, Roshni

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