From Party Girl to Personal Growth Coach

Just five years ago, my favorite things were parties, day drinking in the sun, and dancing away the night. There was nothing better than not knowing where my next adventure would take me as long as my besties were by my side. But what I didn’t love was constantly waking up hungover, pushing myself to the limit, and feeling like I didn’t belong in any one place.

I finally let myself consider the scary thought of what I would be if I wasn’t always partying, and when I finally tried it I realized it wasn’t as boring as I thought. I actually enjoyed the sunlight and being able to function during the day and how much time I could save by not feeling groggy and hungover every morning. I finally felt like doing things. I started going on hikes and remembering what I did the night before, and it actually made me happy.

Over time, I continued to weed out the habits, people, and patterns that didn’t serve me anymore. I realized how absolutely light I felt. I stopped feeling obligated to things that didn’t make me feel good and realized that I could feel alive and carefree even if I wasn’t going from party to party.

Thus began my personal growth journey. In the podcast episode below, I share the story about how I changed from a party girl to a personal growth coach and how shifting your identity can be extremely liberating. I open up about the struggles I faced along the way, and why it’s still worth it to go after the changes you want to see in yourself.

Listen to the whole episode below!

Episode 7 From Party Girl to Personal Growth Coach: Self-Worth and Identity
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