Desperate to Confident: Self-Worth in Relationships

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

I was talking to my cousin about relationships and she brought up such an interesting point – that relationships often expose our biggest insecurities.

It takes vulnerability to be in a healthy relationship. We have to admit when we’re wrong, put our needs aside from time to time, and worst of all – share the TV remote.

While everything that happens in a relationship isn’t exactly in your control, your relationship with yourself always is. A high sense of self-worth allows you to put your ego aside and make compromises. The ability to trust yourself and keep your promises serves as a foundation to show up for your partner as well. Feeling comfortable enough to set boundaries means that you’re less likely to become resentful of your partner.

When you and your partner both have a high sense of self-worth, you become less clingy, you feel true joy in your partner’s success and accomplishments, and you become less fearful of asking your partner for what you need to thrive.

In my new podcast episode, “Desperate to Confident: Self-Worth In Relationships,” I explore the many ways in which your high sense of self-worth can benefit your relationship. I also share many ways you can build up your self-worth so that you can be the best partner for your person.

Listen to “Is It Worth It? The Self-Worth Podcast” below!

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