Farewell, Daisy.

It’s been a rough month for everyone. There’s no rulebook on how to handle a global pandemic.

However, my recent experience losing my sweet Corgi, Daisy, offered an insight into how resilient and beautiful the human spirit can be.

In a time of loss, we realize how to celebrate not only the departed, but those who are still with us.

In my new YouTube vlog, I open up and share my grieving process after my dog, Daisy, passed away.

My hope in creating this video is to inspire you to find hope in even the darkest of times.

Here are a few things that I did to commemorate Daisy (including timestamps):

  • Visited her favorite walking spots with her clay paw print (8:19)
  • Created a little nook in my home filled with her favorite ball, a picture of her at her best (running outside), her ashes and clay pawprint, and a couple of treats (12:46)
  • Wrote down memories and her funny habits and put these notes in her favorite puzzle toy to read when I’m feeling down (15:33)

I also let you in on my emotional ups and downs throughout the process. 

Watch the raw, messy, lovely process below.

Published by Roshni

My name is Roshni. I am a Kenyan-born, American-raised, Indian woman. I studied education, psychology, and psychoanalysis in college and have been prioritizing healing in my recent years of post-grad life. I am passionate about breaking down mental health stigmas, especially in communities of color. My personal struggle with anxiety, depression, and panic disorder has led me to share my thoughts, experiences, and helpful exercises with you. I am here to share exercises for growth, insights into my own journey of mental health, and ways to stay productive and efficient without sacrificing your sanity - or your inner child! - Join me on this journey (Subscribing to Beti Grew Up, my YT channel & by following my Instagram @BetiGrewUp), - Share your story with me (by emailing me betigrewup@gmail.com) xoxo, Roshni

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