1:1 Tarot + Self-Worth Coaching

1:1 Tarot + Self-Worth Coaching

“You are so kind and compassionate and make it so easy to open up about what’s really going on. Your connection to the divine is unquestioned and it truly felt like you were witnessing me, not to judge me but to love me. The steps you recommended have been so soothing and I’ve already had breakthroughs about areas of my business that are not serving me. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking answers. Even if you are intuitive, sometimes you can get in your own way by being attached to a particular outcome. Roshni is just loving and doesn’t sugar coat anything, which is just what I needed.” -Samara F.

Have you dabbled in journaling, personal growth, and shadow work, only to feel more overwhelmed than ever?

Do you know that you struggle with not feeling good enough, but feel lost and confused when it comes to taking action?

Are you familiar with intuitive work and meditation, but feel completely depleted in your own spiritual practice?

When it comes to personal growth, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It’s easy to get lost in the countless opinions of influencers, coaches, and media outlets, instead of listening to your own intuition.

I know you value your time, but you also don’t want to sacrifice your opportunities to grow and heal.

A personalized, one-on-one tarot coaching session will break through the noise and help you get clear on what you need to work on and exactly how to move forward.

If you’re looking to gain clarity on where you are in life, on a decision you have coming up, or the lessons you should focus on to build your self-worth, this service is for you.

Why tarot + self-worth coaching together?

In tarot, each card holds a specific meaning. When a card is ‘pulled,’ or drawn, in a reading, that card’s meaning speaks to what you are experiencing or contemplating. Basing a coaching session around tarot allows us to get straight to the most important lessons for you.

Self-worth coaching is structured similarly to life coaching. This is a one-on-one coaching practice where you and I identify beliefs that are holding you back and patterns of self-sabotage you have so we can peel back the layers of what makes you feel ‘not good enough.’

This process can be very intense, and is not something that can be forced to fit into a specific time frame. Because of this, tarot is a wonderful way to break through all the noise and get straight to the most valuable lessons for you, right now.

The personal growth world seems endless these days, so having a personalized growth plan acts as a sort of ‘cheat-sheet’ to simplify your next steps in personal growth.

How does tarot work?

When it comes to pulling cards, it’s best to have a scenario you talk through or question you ask the cards while the reader shuffles. The cards that are pulled speak directly to that scenario you’re unsure about or the question you asked. By getting this valuable insight into where you are in your current journey, it’s much easier to personalize the coaching session and dig even deeper into lessons that emerge.

“I loved it! Really was pleasantly surprised in the power of tarot BUT also Roshni’s synthesis and reflection made it that much more powerful. I can tell Roshni is really committed to this work.” – Akansha A.

How does this help me with my personal growth journey?

The first portion of the call, the general reading, will allow us to dive into where you are mentally and uncover any struggles you may be facing. The second portion, the self-worth reading, will help us understand what the most important lessons are for you to develop higher self-worth.

After our coaching session, I use my experience as a self-worth coach to create a personalized growth plan filled with specific prompts, exercises, self-care activities, and any other tangible actions that come up during or after our reading. This will be sent to you in an email, so you can work through all of the journal prompts at your own pace over the next week, months, or year.

If you choose the Star reading, you receive everything listed above, along with 7 full days of email access to me. This ensures that you are fully supported with any questions or thoughts that come up after our session or while working on any of the ‘next steps’ listed in the email.

Roshni’s reading shed light on so many connections between my business and my broader self-worth journey, and gave incredible suggestions and such a through summary at the end. I started implementing her suggestions right away and have already seen a change even though it’s only been one week since we spoke.” – Samara F.

What does this service include?

There are two packages of this service you can buy, the Strength package and the Star package. Both of the packages include everything listed below, but the Star package also includes 7 full days of email access to me about anything that comes up for you after our reading. I will get back to you once every 24 hours and once over the weekend, but you are welcome to send me as many emails as you’d like during this 7-day period.

The 60-minute, Zoom coaching call involves:

  • a general reading,
  • a reading about what you need to learn on your self-worth journey,
  • time at the end for any questions you have, as well as drawing additional cards to clarify aspects of the reading.

Because this is definitely going to be a dense hour, and it’s easy to forget the details of what we talked about,

  • I also email you the recording of our session, and
  • send you a detailed summary of everything we talked about, major themes that emerged, any additional interpretations that we may not have had time to uncover during our session, as well as
  • a detailed list of next steps – journal prompts, activities, self-care sessions, or mantras that come up during or after our session.

I compile everything so you don’t have to worry about it, and send it to you in an organized email you can use as a ‘personalized personal-growth plan’ over the next few weeks or months.

Again, everything listed above is included in both packages. The only difference is that the Star package also includes 7 days of email access to me.

“This was eye opening, I felt calm and understood and at peace with my journey. I feel confident to move forward and to have the strength to push through in my field of school/life. I know what I need to listen to, I just feel so much clarity….it was kinda mindblowing how accurate the results are. Everyone deserves to open up and see what the universe is trying to tell you.” – Sydney S.

How much is this service?

There are two levels of this service. The first includes everything except for the 7-day email access. If you’re looking for clarity through the reading, but feel capable of handling the journal prompts and next steps on your own, this first level is for you!


This includes the 60-minute, Zoom 1:1 coaching call and follow-up email with the personalized ‘next steps’ plan.

111.00 $

If you’re not only seeking clarity through the reading and next steps, but would also like responsive support for questions, advice, and even an extra card pull here and there, the 7-day email access is the perfect fit for you!

STAR Package

This includes the 60-minute, Zoom 1:1 coaching call, the follow-up email with the personalized ‘next steps’ plan, as well as 7 days of email access to me after the call.

149.00 $


  1. Will tarot tell me my future?

No, tarot isn’t about telling the future. While some practitioners may use tarot to make predictions, in my practice, I mainly use tarot to ask for guidance. I use it as a tool to learn about where you currently are in life and lessons you may need to learn in the phase you’re in right now. 

  1. Can I use tarot if I’m religious?

I know people that are Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, and Catholic who all love using tarot. For them, tarot is another tool for inspiration and motivation in their lives. Tarot itself is not inherently religious. However, if you strongly feel that your religion prohibits tarot, or you’re just not into it, there are many other ways to work with me! See the question below for more details.

  1. What if I want to work with you, but I’m not interested in tarot?

I completely understand if tarot just isn’t your thing, and that’s why I have 1:1 self-worth coaching intensives that don’t involve tarot! Learn more about this service here: www.betigrewup.com/services

  1. What if I don’t know if tarot + self-worth coaching is right for me?

If you’re not sure if you’re interested in tarot off the bat, I have a number of free tarot readings I’ve recorded on both Instagram and YouTube. You can always check these out first, and send me a DM on Instagram or an email to ask me any questions you have! (And don’t worry, no question is too basic or silly!)

5. What if I’ve never done tarot before?

You don’t need any knowledge about tarot before signing up for a reading. Of course, it’s always welcome for you to do your research or learn more about tarot if you’re interested, but a knowledge of tarot isn’t necessary. Tarot has very straightforward meanings that can be easily translated into our daily lives. I’ll break everything down and we’ll have plenty of time for questions throughout the reading.

  1. What if I’m already familiar with tarot?

If you’re already familiar with tarot and especially if you do readings for others, I’m sure you’ve dealt with having beautiful, clear readings for your clients and then feeling unsure or confused at your own readings. Sometimes, even if you don’t read for others, it’s hard to look past your own biases to see what the cards are really trying to tell you. If you’re in this phase right now, seeing another tarot reader to bring a fresh perspective might be just what you need!

  1. What’s your experience with tarot?

I have been pulling cards for myself for a couple of years, and over the last few months have taken a much deeper interest in tarot. I started out by getting a reading from a friend, then dove in deeper by taking some online courses and doing more complicated readings on myself. I’ve now had the pleasure of reading for many wonderful clients, some of whose reviews I’ve included throughout this page!

Have any other questions? Email me here.

About Roshni

Roshni is a self-worth coach, content creator and writer. She has a background in psychology and education, and is passionate about pursuing anti-oppression work as a means of building self-worth in her clients and audience. She is Gujrati, was born in Kenya, and migrated to the U.S. at the age of 5. As a third-culture kid, she explores the dissonance between growing up in America, experiencing life as an immigrant, and navigating what it means to be a part of communities that don’t always claim you. Roshni centers her work around the belief that we are intrinsically enough. She believes that we do not have to prove, achieve, or earn our worth, despite what we’re told by our patriarchal, heteronormative, transphobic, racist, and capitalist society. She’s committed to showing her clients and audience how to strip back their conditioning and limiting beliefs, focus on their purpose, and believe in themselves enough to follow through. Read more about Roshni’s story here.

About BetiGrewUp

BetiGrewUp is a coaching and content-creation brand centered around developing self-worth as a means of anti-oppression work. BetiGrewUp is a brand that believes that when you know your worth, you are unstoppable. In a world that continually brings down BIPOC and LGBTQ2IA+ folx, BetiGrewUp is founded on the idea that high self-worth is a birthright that the world tries to make us forget. When you truly know your worth, and own your worth, you make different decisions. You choose habits, people, environments, and lifestyles that uplift and support you.

BetiGrewUp was created to remind you of your inherent worth through 1:1 self-worth coaching, group coaching, online courses, and hundreds of hours worth of free content.

The content side includes a personal-growth YouTube channel, an Instagram focused on sharing real-time lessons from Roshni’s life, a podcast entitled Is It Worth It? The Self-Worth Podcast, centered around self-worth in relation to a specific area of your life (such as episodes on relationships, rejection, racism, and so much more), and a weekly newsletter with exclusive advice and lessons.

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