About Self-Worth Coaching

You’re tired of not feeling good enough.
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Know your worth.

Know the difference between what you’re getting and what you deserve.

What is Self-Worth Coaching?

From relationship struggles, financial issues, body image issues, even to our need to escape, all of the main problems in our lives stem from struggling with self-worth. When I work with you as a client, we will go right to the root of your limiting beliefs and the stories you tell yourself to address and repair the core wounds of your worthiness.

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Why do I need it?

At the root of all of your experiences is your relationship with your Higher Self. When you prioritize and develop this relationship you start to honor and understand who you truly are. Self-worth coaching will help you uncover the ways in which you are holding yourself back or sabotaging your successes. Life will never be perfect, and we can’t control everything that will happen to us. But we can control the way we treat ourselves and allow ourselves to be treated. My coaching strategies empower you to depend on your True Self, rather than relying on myself or another coach every time something goes awry.

Will these tools last?

In moments of stress or disappointment, self-compassion is key. In times of change, self-trust is vital. When taking on a new role, self-worth is needed to set appropriate boundaries and experience longevity in your success. When it comes to battling your own demons, standing up for yourself, or staying true to who you are, self-love is everything. These are the qualities we emphasize in coaching – how you can learn to trust and depend on yourself even during difficult moments. My goal is for you to be aligned with your intuition and your worth and to have the strength to follow those insights long after we’ve worked together.

What will I learn in our coaching sessions?

NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) is used to discover and reprogram unconscious patterns. NLP allows you recognize your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, and then to reprogram these beliefs into positive self-stories and self-talk. When we retrain how your mind runs automatically, you don’t feel like you have to live a perfect life or avoid making mistakes because you can trust yourself to be gentle and compassionate when you’ve made a mistake or experienced hardship.

Art Therapy and a Creativity Practice are tools that I use to help you discover your sense of play and to take things a little less seriously. All of us are creative individuals, but many of us leave these talents unused, which leaves us unfulfilled. When you create something, you are connecting with something intangible that becomes tangible through your own body – be it dance, comedy, writing, or any other art form. You deepen your sense of self-love when you connect with yourself through your creations.

Mindfulness rituals work differently for everyone, and in my one-on-one coaching sessions, I work with you to create a personalized routine that grows and expands throughout your three-month journey with me. These simple routines give you stability and a sense of groundedness outside of your crazy schedule. Rituals provide a space to connect with yourself and your emotions throughout this journey, so that we can move along exactly at your pace.

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