About Beti Grew Up

Welcome to Beti Grew Up! 


 Beti Grew Up is a culturally-competent Life Coaching service for South Asian Millennial Women. 

“Culturally-competent” means that I am taking y(our) cultural background into consideration in our Life Coaching sessions as well as in any eCourses, products, or services that I create.

I have spent years in and out of therapy and always felt that my sessions fell short. It was rare that I had an epiphany in a session, and more often than not, I ended up feeling worse after my sessions because they were focused so much on painful memories in my past.

Therapy is a great tool, but I realized that what I really needed was a life coach – someone to motivate me, someone to help me navigate day-to-day life, and someone who will help me set goals and better myself as a person. 

There was just one other problem – it was extremely difficult to find any therapists, counselors, or life coaches of color, let alone someone of South Asian descent in my area.


It has always been difficult for me to take advice from those who don’t understand my background. Living in America, I have spoken with many peers and authority figures who cannot relate to the way that I was raised, and it becomes easy to assume that what people around you say isn’t actually meant for you.

I always thought that my only career options were science-based, and that I would have to live in a 10-mile-radius of my parents when I grew up. Needless to say, my life looks nothing like that now. 

I’m here to tell you that you CAN break out of the mold and do what makes you happy, even if you are South Asian. 

Beti Grew Up is a one-woman force run by me, Roshni. 

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I am a 23-year-old Indian-American woman who immigrated to Texas from Nairobi, Kenya at the age of five. I currently reside in Colorado. 

I believe that South Asian women have waited far too long to be able to make their own decisions. We deserve to live a life that inspires us, and to have families that honor us. The first step begins with us.

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